Models: Alexi, Johnny, Melanie

Melanie is trying to hook up her DVD player and needs a little help. She calls for her friends, Johnny and Alexi, to help her out. While Alexi is hooking up what he needs for the TV, Johnny starts hooking up his own needs with Melanie and asks her what she's going to watch. Melanie tells Johnny she's a little horny and that's all Johnny and Alexi need to jump into the action. They each grab a tit and they're off to the races! Their clothes are on the floor and their cocks are hard and ready for Melanie's handiwork.

She starts with a double handjob for the two of them. It's hard work having a big hard cock in each hand so she gives her hands a rest and lets her mouth get into the action. Alexi and Johnny stand side by side as she trades off sucking each of their dicks. Their hard, throbbing cocks almost touch as she jacks and sucks them each off. Melanie asks if that's all she's going to get and the guys agree that Alexi should be the first to fuck!

The boys spit roast Melanie with Johnny at the helm up front and Alexi taking up the rear. She takes it hard from Alexi doggie style before Johnny wants in on the action. The guys switch positions and Johnny plows the hell out of Melanie slipping his giant rod deep inside her. She's so tight and wet that Johnny can't hold off. He blows his giant white load inside his condom and pulls out with his jizz dangling in its rubber prison. She just felt so good he couldn't hold it in any longer!

Johnny stands back up and takes another bj from Melanie while Alexi sits on the couch and watches. Alexi stares hard at Johnny while he beats his meat. As his steel-trap gaze locks in on Johnny, Alexi lets loose on his own stomach, his cum flying up and onto his abs. Johnny looks over and almost seems disappointed that he missed Alexi's giant load making an entrance.

Johnny gets back down on the couch with Alexi beating off next to him again. Johnny takes one last handjob from Melanie. Johnny throws his head back, closes his eyes, moans hard and lets the juices flow. He cums on his extra hairy stomach and lets out a sigh as he finishes what he started!

Tags: dark hair, doggie style, hairy chest, smooth chest

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