Models: Alex, Nathaniel, Tobi

Meet Nathaniel and Alex, two young, muscular straight guys with athletic builds and handsome faces! They are excited to meet Tobi because they know she gets into having two dudes at the same time. Working as a team, Nate gets behind her as his buddy gets down on his knees!

Alex gets worked up making out with Tobi and knowing Nathaniel's face is in her crotch. And Nathaniel isn't shy about getting close to Alex's junk, even helping pull down his blue briefs!

Alex is on top, fucking Tobi hard with Nate's big cock in her mouth, just inches from Alex's mouth! Seeing his buddy cum in front of him gets Nathaniel really hot, and fucks Tobi like a jack hammer until blowing his own load!

Tags: black, blond, jock, muscles

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