Models: Bianca, Jacob, Ned

Jacob and Ned confess they are both hot for Bianca. She's into them both, and
insists they do her at the same time!

Getting their cocks stroked is just the beginning. Jacob is ripped, with
a great muscular chest and amazing abs! He reaches around
and caresses Bianca's butt, whispering, "such a soft ass!"
No doubt he's planning on getting his rocks off down there!

Ned holds Bianca face down on his cock as Jacob mounts her from behind.
He fucks her hard, and we get an eyeful of his hot, defined butt. He pulls his cock
out and Ned slides his in. Now it's Ned who fucking her and Jacob getting his
dick sucked!

They take turns groping and kissing her before shooting their pent up loads all
over each other!

Tags: bare feet, big cock, blond, muscles

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